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Blue Tooth Optical Performance Monitoring Device

Production information
This portable device is a low cost Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) which is special designed for C-Band (1530 ~ 1560 nm) and L-Band (1574 ~ 1610 nm) with patented  technologies.

Using tablet computer through blue tooth interface, one may wirelessly control the unit and perform testing & monitoring jobs with more convenient and efficient. Featuring excellent out-of-band Rejection Ratio in design , this device is able to measure wavelength, optical signal-to-noise ratio and optical power level simultaneously in seconds. 
 ► Specifications
Channel Spacing 50 GHz  (ITU-T Grid) 100 GHz  (ITU-T Grid)
Wavelength Range   C-Band  (1530 ~ 1560 nm)  or
  L-Band (1574 ~ 1610 nm)
Frequency Setting Accuracy   ±5 GHz
Measurable ITU-channel Optical Power
  −10 ~ −40 dBm  (for C-Band Device)
  −10 ~ −30 dBm  (for L-Band Device)
Optical Carrier Power Accuracy   ±0.5 dB
PDL   <0.5dB
OSNR (dB) > 30 >33
OSNR Accuracy   ±1.5 dB
Electronics Interface   Blue tooth  (or RS232)